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Teachers refuse to go back to work next week for US$1 per day

Zimbabwe’s largest teachers union said its 42,000 members won’t report for work next week because they’re not being paid enough.

Schools are scheduled to reopen on Sept. 28 after a six-month shutdown because of the coronavirus.

Surging inflation and changes to the nation’s currency regime have eroded the value of teachers’ salaries to between $30 and $35 a month, the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) said in a statement Monday.

Most of them are unable to meet their living costs, it said.

“All educators will be not be able to report for duty on Sept. 28 for opening of schools as they are incapacitated,” the association said.

The body wants members to be paid $520 plus sector-specific allowances.

Annual inflation in Zimbabwe is currently at 761%, the country is facing shortages of foreign currency and half the population of almost 15 million people is estimated to be in need of food aid.

  • Bloomberg

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