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Hwende opens up on business dealings with the Mugabe family

By Mutsa Makuvaza

MDC Alliance Secretary-General Chalton Hwende has responded to stinging accusations by his predecessor Douglas Mwonzora that Hwende and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa were blue-eyed boys of the Robert Mugabe family who had business dealings with the then First Family between 2008 and 2017, a time when the Mugabe regime was brutal to MDC supporters.

Mwonzora made the allegations over the weekend when he accused Chamisa of being a G40 front and a coward who never saw the inside of jail even once because he has always been a Zanu-PF spy in the opposition.

To back up his claims, Mwonzora said that Hwende and Chamisa used their transport and logistics business with the Mugabe family to ferry Gushungo Dairy produce while feeding Mugabe with sensitive inside information on the opposition movement, thereby helping to prolong Mugabe’s stay in power.

However, Hwende has denied the accusations and says while he ran a logistics firm with Chamisa, Chamisa has never been a director of the company.

“I never wanted to dignify Mwonzora’s lies that myself and Nelson Chamisa used to have a contract to transport milk for Gushungo Diaries. He repeated the same lie over the weekend. He created this lie during the 2014 Congress,” Hwende disclosed.

He added: “He (Mwonzora) even created and printed fake receipts showing that we had delivered milk. This was all fake even my company’s name is written as Twinsdale. I used to own a company that was called Twinsday Logistics that had Car Carriers and one can not carry milk with such type of trucks.”

Hwende further denies ever meeting Mugabe or his widow Grace all his life.

“The MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa was never a director of this company and I never met Mugabe or Grace in my entire life. My company’s operations were based mainly in Namibia and Angola.

“In Zimbabwe we used to deliver cars that we were clearing in Walvis Bay only,” said Hwende, who was deposed as the Kuwadzana legislator following fierce infighting between Chamisa and MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe.

There are fears that former members of the G40 fation of Zanu-PF, who fled the country when Mugabe was toppled by the military in a popular uprising in November 2017, have their stranglehold on Chamisa’s inner circle.

During the 2018 harmonised elections, Mugabe declared he would vote for Chamisa on the eve of the polling day.

Months after the elections which Chamisa lost, frustrated former G40 kingpins Saviour Kasukuwere and Walter Mzembi disclosed that they helped fund part of Chamisa’s presidential campaign.

Kasukuwere has since turned around and last week indicated he was a bona fide Zanu-PF member amid indications that he has applied to rejoin the ruling party. – Zimbabwe Voice

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