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President Mnangagwa says no rift between Zanu-PF and ANC

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has dismissed as baseless reports of a rift between the African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa and Zanu PF, declaring that there is no political crisis in Zimbabwe.

President Mnangagwa made these remarks Friday while addressing the 113 Ordinary Session of Zanu PF’s Central Committee.

President Mnangagwa called on Zimbabweans not be side-tracked by such claims aimed at causing disharmony in the country but focus on the development agenda being pursued by Government.

The President also dispelled notions that Zanu PF had a strained relationship with South Africa’s ruling party ANC saying the ties remained cordial and was in constant communication with his counterpart President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Central Committee members dance before the start of the 113 Ordinary Session of Zanu PF’s Central Committee

He said the alleged rift between the two former liberation movement and crisis in Zimbabwe is being peddled by opponents of the government on social media platforms.

The ANC recently sent some senior party members, led by secretary general Ace Magashule, to unlock the political jam in Zimbabwe but went back home vowing to come back to discuss “some challenges” with other stakeholders after tabling several issues with Zanu PF officials.

The President said there is no crisis in Zimbabwe and the purpoted crisis exists in opposition political parties and social media platforms.

“The crisis exists in their minds, exists in their parties the crisis exists in the bedrooms, but not in Zimbabwe. We have challenges like any other country in the region and we are resolved to face these challenges head on. We will not seek outside mediation to deal with challenges which they themselves have.

“This session comes against yet another crushing failure of machinations by our detractors, on social media, to reverse and destablise the unity, peace security and development milestones our Party fought for. I applaud the people of Zimbabwe and the leadership of the Party for remaining resolute in definance of the opposition’s regime change agenda and worrying levels of self hate through a sustained call to make our country Zimbabwe ungovernable,” he said.

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President Mnangagwa said the revolutionary party has the history of the liberation struggle and will continue to fight against the country’s detractors with neo colonial agenda.

“Zanu pf yoga, zanu pf yoga nehutungamiriri hwayo huripano nevamwe vasipo. Ndimi mune nhoroondo yekuti rusununguko rwakauya sei muzimbabwe. Hamusi vana Chura vasina mwezha, zanu pf yakafanana nekamba inofamba ichisiya mwezha, zvino zviroveyi matundundundu kuti you have whithered attacks left right and centre from our detractors. Zanu pf has resolved to focus on our revolutionary path and noone will remove us from that path.

“I would like, from the onset to commendthe Party and the Central Committee for ensuring that our membership remain steadfast and abreast with socio-economic developments in our country. This was against a backdrop of multiple challenges we have faced.

“Furthermore, our cadres are applauded for remaining loyal ,to the Party and its leadership. They have equally continously strived to raise their level of political and social consciousness and understanding of Party policies, programmes and positions.

“This is against the background of falsehoods and a malicious anti-Party and anti-Government propaganda campaigns by our detractors, peddled mainly through social media platforms.

“I , thus, applaud the Party for remaining focused towards accelating the development of our great country. This spirit of unity, peace, harmony and hard work must continue to strengthen our resolve as an unwavering revolutionary party,” he said.

President Mnangagwa further highlighted that discussions with regional leaders occur on a daily basis and noone with create a rift between ZANU PF and ANC of South Africa.

“The solidarity existing between our Party ZANU PF and Sister revolutionary Parties like ANC South Africa can never be shaken by social media. We have elements peddling falsehoods that there is misunderstanding between ANC and ZANU PF, hakuna. I can assure you, currently on a weekly basis, i discuss with my brother Ramaphosa, Masisi, Geingob before we sleep, we chat and lauffh at these social media insinuations, so they are wasting their time.

“Governments in the region continue to be our line of resistance against detractors’ who are bent on reversing the gains of our independence, through neo colonial narratives. We must therefore maintain our total control of our Party’s legacy ideals mounted on the struggle for broad based economic emancipation, patriotism, loyalty, discipline and forever be masters of our own destiny,” he said.

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum and several other organizations are claiming that the government is brutalizing local people, especially its opponents, who wanted to stage an anti-corruption protest on July 31 this year.

Some of the people, including Tawanda Muchehiwa, were allegedly abducted by suspected state security agents and tortured for distributing anti-Zanu PF paraphernalia. Muchehiwa’s uncle, Mduduzi Mathuthu, is currently in hiding while some Zimbabweans have fled to other countries for openly opposing the government.

Mathuthu is the editor of ZimLive.

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