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‘Zanu-PF supporters more logical and mature than MDC fanatics’ – Mambeu

By Tino Mambeu

It is interesting to note how people are quick to judge what others write on Facebook. All the time I have tried to work for the country or praise the good that would have been done by Zanu PF I have been met by brick bats.

Why do my fellow comrades in the opposition lose it to an extent that they construe and conclude that a mere Happy Birthday message to President ED amounts to overzealous bootlicking tendencies.

To those who say this to me I want to tell you that you are a dangerous lot with no iota of decency. It is not in my favor to perpetuate the current status quo. I will do all I can to encourage UNITY and Forster political tolerance.

Yesterday as I was going out with Patson Dzamara, we met Phillip Chabata, PC Godfrey Tsenengamu and a few other Zanu comrades. We shared a lot of political jokes and I was amazed when one Zanu Pf comrade said to me ‘man you really campaigned hard and gave us some serious blows’ he appreciated that at times I made them feel awkward and I kept them on their toes. He however wished I could join Zanu PF and use my brains and objective strategy. He said the same to Patson.

The fulcrum of the matter here is some guys from Zanu seem more logical and mature than some shrills and opposition fanatics who only support the party through the internet. Without the internet their voices fade into oblivion. Come on my mates the struggle is bigger than your toxic untamed hullabaloo.

Now each and every time that I come to Harare I make a public post on my Facebook page. I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that the majority if not all people who would come to my inbox seeking to know of my whereabouts and wether I was well or not are Zanu Pf comrades.

Yes, my opposition friends may make one or two comments on the wall but they won’t look for me or even offer to take me out.

Now here is Weldon N Matambo, Acie Lumumba Tirimusango Wenje, Godfrey Tsenaz, and a host of othe Zanu comrades who actually look for me and come to visit me by the hotel. Weldon does it all the time just to commiserate and at times agree to disagree. Wenje will take his phone and make a call. Look, these guys are more welcoming and humane to a very larger extent.

Well I don’t wish to be a cry baby but when my comrades who should commiserate with me take time to insult and throw disdain on my wall I feel let down. We will never see things the same way guys. We may share the same dream but we are different individuals.

I’m not a member of the MDC alliance but I like it’s policies. Though not all of them. Is that a crime. Now when Acie learnt that I was in town he came and dragged me from my hotel room at the rainbow towers. He said I should not be in a hotel when he had a big house that we could all fit.

I don’t like taking people’s space but he insisted from the bottom of his heart. He knows very well that when I in Harare I don’t normally have a car for my errands so he gave me a Toyota Mark X for my errands.

Is that not what we all wish for as Zimbabweans. I fight with Acie on many fronts but we don’t take politics personally. We agree to differ but we remain friends and above all Zimbabweans.

This culture is also rampant in our political leaders, they meet and share drinks away from the eyes of their supporters but fight in public and parliament.

Please learn and be wise. Politics is just like football.

Thank you machinja anerudo!

  • Mambeu wrote this for his Facebook page. Mambeu is a political activist as well as Managing Director at Ulwazi Energy, a clean energy company in SA.
  • Born and raised in Zvishavane, Mambeu wants to see a better Zimbabwe.

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