Is Chamisa winning ANC support?

By Felix Kundishora

FORCES inside the MDC-A led by Nelson Chamisa have claimed that they now have a “new friendship” with the ANC. According to two MDC-A NEC members who are close to Chamisa the two political parties were brought closer to each other by what they referred to as a “coincidence of interests”.

They pointed out that the ANC desperately wanted to divert attention away from its disastrous performance at home and away from corruption charges that involved its top leadership. The MDC-A officials observed that several publications were predicting that South Africa would descend to failed state status by 2030.

On the other hand, the MDC-A needs to enter into a power sharing agreement with ZANU PF. The two MDC-A members said that the two groups, therefore decided to unite in hyping “the crisis in Zimbabwe”.

They observed that several western leaders had convinced South African leaders that they could spruce up their country’s image by being hard on Zimbabwe and creating perceptions that they are shepherding Southern Africa towards western style democracy.

The two officials boasted that the Economic Freedom Fighters was “essentially controlled by an ally of the MDC-A, Savour Kasukuwere.”

The MDC-A officials said that the ANC was a “good catch” as most western countries believe that South Africa should play its role as the “perfect, headboy or headman of the region”.

They observed that the gravitation of the ANC towards the MDC-A and the recent “disciplining” of President Edgar Lungu of Zambia by the South African Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni demonstrated South Africa’s new supervisory role in the region.

Could we be witnessing the revival of the concept of a Constellation of the Southern African states revolving around South Africa?

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