Former Star FM presenter Black Bird launches own radio station

The Bantu Queen said the station will be based in Livingstone in Zambia and it will be a mixture of talk shows, and music.

FORMER Star FM Presenter and producer, Nonkululeko Ndlovu also known as Black Bird or Bantu Queen has launched her very own radio station called Bantu FM.

Speaking to a local publication, Black Bird revealed that it has always been her dream to have her very own radio station hence the reason behind her launching  Bantu FM a Pan African radion station.

“Having worked for various radio stations in the past (including Star FM in Zimbabwe, Zambezi FM (Livingstone, Zambia) and Pan African Radio (Lusaka, Zambia) opened me up to the fact that the majority of radio stations do not have women in the ownership structures.

“Most women are presenters and sometimes work in marketing or occasionally as management.”

“But not once have I had the opportunity to work for a radio station owned by a woman yet women are the majority in the population of this continent. I found that also there is a serious age hurdle with many young people being assigned jobs as on air talent but being denied leadership positions in the organizations.

“I felt that as a young woman with the relevant experience and training I have to break the cycle both for youth and for women,” she said.

The Bantu Queen said the station will be based in Livingstone in Zambia and it will be a mixture of talk shows, and music.

She also added that the Pan African station will not cater to a specific nationality or country but instead it will support all African languages and cultures.

“We do not cater for any specific country, tribe or nationality. Instead our content is a mixture of music and talk shows from black people across the globe. We don’t discriminate on any African even if they don’t use English we support all African languages and cultures,” she said.

Speaking about the reception of her radio station, she revealed that it has been well received as many listeners have used Bantu FM as a bridge to connect with their motherland.

“The reception during our first two months on air has been phenomenal with a lot of our audience coming from the Pan African space.

“Many people have volunteered their services and are really excited about what this means for black media globally,” she revealed.

However, she looking for more investors who would like to come on board and help her expand the vision.

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