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Zanu-PF Youth League celebrates President’s 78th birthday

THE ruling Zanu-PF party’s Youth League has described President Emmerson Mnangagwa as a man who has dedicated his entire life to the selfless service of our motherland, and has remained consistent to the lofty goals of the people’s revolution.

This came as the President turned 78 today.

In a statement issued by the league’s Acting Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs Tendai Chirau, the party youths wished the President a happy birthday and many many more fruitful years.

“The ZANU PF Youth League joins the whole of the revolutionary ZANU PF Party and tye progressive people of Zimbabwe in wishing His Excellency the Presisdent of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Cde ED Mnangagwa, a Happy Birthday and many many more fruitful years.

“Cde ED Mnangagwa’s stature as a major figure both in our times and in our national history is already confirmed and cemented by the record of his life from the time he joined the liberation struggle in the 1960s, up to this day.

“It is an ongoing chronicle of a man who has dedicated his entire life to the selfless service of our motherland, and has remained consistent to the lofty goals of the people’s revolution; a feat that we unreservedly commit to emulate as young people.”

The league says as the captain and author of our new national trajectory, President Mnangagwa has ochestrated “numerous defining strides in the fields of diplomacy through his Engagement and Re-engagement drive, agriculture through Command Agriculture and the Agriculture Recovery Plan, technology and youth empowerment, to mention a few.”

It said: “Through Vision 2030, which we are all solidly behind, the right template for economic take off and progress has been set, wherein our President and role model has repeatedly proved to be a hard working visionary who leads from the front, imbued with exceptionally high organisational acumen and sagacity.

Zanu-PF Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs, Tendai Chirau

“On this auspicious day, we celebrate the birthday of a man who has travelled the road, a far-sighted leader deeply committed to achieving social justice through pragmatic practical action, and an eputome of resilience.

“From his life, which is servant leadership personified, we as young people continue to draw inspiration and vital lessons. His example in all facets of statecraft promotes the ideals of hard work, discipline, honesty and forthrightness, which hage coalesced into a defining ethos now synonymous with the new dispensation.”

Chirau said the youths extend “our warmest heartfelt birthday wishes to a man who continues to inspire us to stand firm with courage, tenacity and determination as we continue in the fight against international isolation, self-hate and other adversities such as illegal sanctions, political duplicity, corruption and lately, the Covid-19 curse.”

President Mnangagwa is in his second year of his first full term in office, having completed the late former President Robert Mugabe’s term in November 2017. – Zimbabwe Voice

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