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Caledonia Mining raises money for solar

By Mutsa Makuvaza

CANADA-headquartered Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc announced on 4 September that it had raised US$13 million via a share issue to finance a solar power plant at its Blanket mine.

The proposed 12MW solar power plant would meet the mine’s minimum demand during daylight hours and approximately 27% of the mine’s total electricity demand.

Caledonia chief executive officer, Mr Steve Curtis, has previously said the miner was looking at investing in a Solar PV plant, which could supply Blanket’s baseload demand during peak sunlight hours.

As a stop gap measure Blanket Mine was relying on a back-up generator with about 12,5 megawatts (MW).

At 12,5MW, the generator can run the entire mine at full capacity.

The mine had also invested in another 6MW diesel generator to guarantee power supply.

The plan is part of the mining concern’s strategy to beat power cuts that have dogged the mining industry for the past two years due to depressed local generation.

It is also inline with Government’s strategy to boost green and cost effective energy. – Zimbabwe Voice

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