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Zodwa Wabantu on taking drugs

CONTROVERSIAL South African gqom dancer and reality television star Zodwa Wabantu has finally spoken out on the issue of taking drugs.

This follows a video that went viral on social media showing the sultry dancy seemingly snorting cocaine.

However, when reached for comment, Zodwa insisted that she does not take drugs of any kind and claimed that she made the video in question to educate others on drug abuse.

Speaking to the publication Daily Sun, Zodwa claimed to have made the video four months back to demonstrate how people abuse drugs.

Said Zodwa, “Me on drugs? Never.

“I made the video during level 2 lockdown and I posted it on my Instagram.

“I always take videos talking about something or even advertising brands but that time I was telling people about the dangers of drugs and just giving a practicable example of how people take drugs using flour from my kitchen”

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