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Boity’s banging body sets Twitter on fire (PHOTOS)

South African television personality Boity Thulo decided to bless the Twitter timeline with another picture of her bikini body.

The “Boity: Own Your Throne” star recently launched her first fragrance “Boity Pink Sapphire” and decided to show off her body since the sun was out.

Speaking about her fragrance she said: “It’s an ode to the duality in women and me.

“I’ve always been told I’m a mixture of sweetness and strength, so I wanted to play on that. I wanted to encapsulate the duality of women, celebrating the sensuality and softness of women but also celebrating the power of women.

South African television personality Boity Thulo decided to bless her Twitter followers

“So I think that is what the scent is about, playing on those two very important traits of women: the softness but also the strong and powerful side.”

Taking to her Twitter and Instagram accounts over the weekend, the “Wuz Dat?” rapper posted a picture of her in a swimsuit with the caption, “It’s the comeback for me.”

Fans couldn’t get enough of the “Bakae” rapper soaking in the sun.

“This what we call SUMMER BODY that was made in winter,,so proud of you BOITY. I’m jealous Smiling face with smiling eyes,” said @sesilizzy1

“She is the best, the best, the best, the best, the best,” said @raschivo.

“Jealous down Boity is sexySmiling face with heart-shaped eyes… When I grow up I wanna have a body like Boity Squinting face with tongue,” said @Confused_Missy.

Boity recently surprised her mom with an opulent surprise birthday party. The superstar loves spending time with her mother, and last week surprised her with an intimate affair to celebrate her fab 50th.

Snaps of the classy backyard bash were posted to Boity’s Instagram, where she thanked everyone who made it possible.

“To our wonderful family and friends, this day would not have been complete without your presence. Your constant love, support and care mean the world to us. Thank you so much for all that you do for us,” wrote Boity.

In the snaps her family are seen sipping bespoke cocktails, eating paella and getting down.

The star said her mom was very happy with how her special day turned out.

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