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Zisco revival is well on course: Gvt

The revival of ZISCO steel is well on course, with the company’s management revealing that a roadmap towards the reopening of the steel giant has been crafted.

Management at ZISCO steel which is now set for reopening following the establishment of a cabinet taskforce says the process will be done in two phases.

“The strategy involves a long term and a short term strategy. In the short term strategy, we want to ensure that we revive the ZISCO steel subsidiaries, Coke Ovens and ZIMCHEM. We also want to put back the mills. We also want to ensure that we bring BIMCO into operation. The long term thrust involves the finding of an investor. Our plea on this one is for local and the Diaspora community to invest in this project,” said ZISCO steel board chairman Engineer Martin Manhuwa.

Industry and Commerce Minister, Dr Sekai Nzenza who was touring the plant says the management should work towards the revival of the company, with emphasis on safeguarding the existing infrastructure.

“Ladies and gentlemen, in order to successfully revive ZISCO steel, it is critical that we curtail the loss of assets and debt accumulation and share with the ministry and government. In addition, the government would like to see a well documented ZISCO Asset register and liabilities. ”

Information Communication and Technology, Postal and Courier Services Minister, Dr Jenfan Muswere urged the management to consider the latest technology in their revival strategy.

“ICTs are critical in every sector of the economy. We have seen some of the ancient equipment here but it needs to be enhanced by the latest technology for us to derive maximum benefits.”

Midlands’ Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Senator Larry Mavhima noted that revival of ZISCO steel will help in achieving the province’s devolution agenda.

“As a province, we are set to benefit if we have ZISCO reopening. Remember the devolution concept means we have to be judged by our performances and our GDP is set to increase as a result of this. The opening of the steelmaker also means the revival of NRZ, Hwange as well as creating business for downstream economies.

ZISCO steel shut its operations in 2008 rendering thousands of employees jobless, with previous efforts to attract an investor failing to come to fruition.

Source — ZBC News online

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