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Gweru city council now charging in forex

GWERU City Council has started charging rates and levies in both local and foreign currency.

The accounting system at Trade Wise has been configured to accommodate those paying using forex.

In Midlands Province, the local authourity joins Kwekwe City Council which also introduced dual pricing at the beginning of the month.

Government urged businesses to display both US dollars and Zimbabwe dollars prices for goods and services offered.

A resolution to adopt dual pricing in Gweru was adopted by a full council last Friday and the local authority will start sending bills in local and foreign currency.

In an interview, GCC spokesperson, Ms Vimbai Chingwaramusee said the local authority has resolved to adopt dual pricing with effect from September.

She said bills will be issued to residents and companies in both foreign currency and the Zimbabwean dollar and the onus will be upon the ratepayer to choose which currency they prefer using as stipulated in Statutory Instrument 185 of 2020.

Ms Chingwaramusee said the motion was approved by a full council sitting on Friday at town house. … More The Chronicle

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