For now chamuka inyama: Somanje

THE Pengaudzoke co-founder, Josphat Somanje, who is reeling from the effects of the coronavirus, said he was finding it hard to look after his family and cater for his band members’ welfare.

So dire is Somanje’s predicament that he is willing to perform menial, which comes his way to ensure he brings food on the table.

“We are just praying for the day when the authorities will give us the permission to perform once again but right now we are struggling to make ends meet.

“Like most of my peers right now, chamuka inyama and we can’t afford to be selective because families will starve to death.

“This disease caught us by surprise and we have lost our sources of incomes because we can’t afford to hold shows as we used to do over the years.

“What it means right now is that we need to work hard and do anything that comes our way,” he said.

Quizzed how he was sustaining his family, Josphat continued:

“I’m mainly into electrical appliances repairs but as it stands right now there is no business.

“That is why I said chamuka inyama, which means that we need to come out of the comfort zone and do tasks perceived to be for the poor people.

“Such trying times calls for desperate measures and we can’t afford to continue to be living in the past but we need to adjust and do anything that can makes to be able to fend four our families.”

On a positive note for his fans, Josphat has since recorded his 14th album titled Zvinezvinozvidaro.

“I recorded my album at Trutone under Jabulani Ndlovu’s management on lockdown when the measures were relaxed.

“It carries six tracks namely Claris, Ita Daddy, Iwe Ndipe Rudo, Kambelembende, Musambo and Tsombori.

“We are now working on videos and we want to record a full DVD for the benefit of our fans who have been asking us to release visuals.

“We are now appealing for sponsorship to be able to record our DVDs but over and above all, we have nothing to feed our families.

“It would be nice if we can get food hampers so that we don’t do our jobs on empty stomachs as is the case right now.”

Josphat also appealed to music promoters holding online shows to consider artistes in marginalised communities.

“With the Covid-19 pandemic, online shows have become and in-thing praying that those organising such shows consider us as well since I don’t have the capacity to hold it on my own.

“This is the right time corporates and real music promoters must step up and bail us because we desperately needed them.

“We don’t want to be forgotten once Covid-19 is over because we are lying idle doing nothing with new stars who have the means being born and overtaking us with each passing day.”

Josphat is a Pengaudzoke co-founder along with his late brother Daiton.

The two were plucked from the back of beyond by the late Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi who assisted them to record their music.

The two split at the turn of the century after releasing such hits as Tsaona, Seiko Kuonda, Linda among other tunes.

Efforts to reunite the two siblings were made but to no avail which saw Daiton continue using the name Pengaudzoke while Josphat used Somanje Stars.

Despite their fallout, they continued churning out good music.

Critics have hailed them for their originality and creative edge until Daiton died in 2015. H-Metro

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