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Security guard disarmed, assaulted to death

By Thabiso Ngulube

A SECURITY guard employed at a mine in Inyathi, Matebeleland North province, died after being assaulted with an unknown object last week.

According to the police, the assault took place last week Friday and the guard died from his injuries on Monday this week.

“The security guard, who was armed with a shotgun had gone to the accused person’s homestead to recover a sack of gold ore which he saw being taken there.

“On arrival, he requested to search the house but this did not go down well with the suspect who then disarmed and assaulted him. The accused person was later arrested and the gold ore was also recovered,” police said.

This Sunday, two people who shot Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) officers, killing one and seriously injuring another in Chivhu on Saturday were gunned down by security forces in a dramatic exchange of fire.

In what movie scriptwriters may read with envy, the two suspects were brought to their knees following a sustained shootout with security forces, as they tried to flee. Investigators blew their cover right out at a mountain in Waterbury Farm where they were hiding.

The dramatic shootout left one security officer nursing injuries.

After allegedly shooting and killing one soldier and seriously injuring another, the criminals disarmed them and run away with the soldiers’ rifles and four magazines with 30 bullets each

President Mnangagwa has spoken strongly against violence at mine sites across the country. – Zimbabwe Voice

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