‘Mugabe was just a plain terrorist’

By David Jesse, PhD.

IN GENERAL, the world lauds Robert Mugabe as a ‘freedom fighter’ and doesnot consider him a terrorist.  (This too applies to the ‘now’ ANC.)

In reality, Mugabe, who died a year ago in Singapore at the age of 95, was nothing more than a terrorist.

He was a murdering, torturing, oppressing dictator and despot who cunningly used all the people of Zimbabwe and the world, for his own personal gain, to overthrow the British; and then persisted with the rape, murder, torture, disappearances and slavery of his entire nation.

Look at the now impoverished, destitute Zimbabwe people, far worse than under colonialism. 200 years to build a nation, 20 years to utterly destroy it.

A freedom fighter frees his people from oppression then builds them up to prosperity and betters their lives to surpass that as was under the alleged oppressor.

In contradistinction both Zanu-PF and Ramaposa’s ANC are pure terrorist organisations whose great deception removed the colonials only to enslave and oppress their people for self gain. The two are a far cry from Nelson Mandela’s ‘rainbow nation – ( id:Africa only for Africans.)

Zanu-PF and the ANC are terrorists at their most devious stage.

Zimbabwe is now a desolate wasteland is fast followed by South Africa, if not already surpassed by it, benefitting only the rapacious and the greedy, who terrorise anyone who disagrees with their particular brand of despotism – terrorism at its most purest form.

Is Africa better off away from under the rule of colonialism?  This writer doubts it as seen by Zimbabwe and the rest of ‘failed Africa,’ begging bowl firmly held out and knee immovably forced into the neck of its entire populations.

‘Black lives matter’ is all but a joke! In Africa it matters not a jot, its benefits firmly restricted to rulers hell bent on self enrichment and nothing else. 
Its people poor and oppressed and getting poorer.

  • David Jesse, PhD, wrote this article for the Zimbabwe Voice. He is a former farmer in Zimbabwe and is resident in SA.
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